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Creating Video on Your Phone

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

When I tell people I work in video a common question I get is “What’s the best camera to use…a Sony FS5? RED? a DSLR?” These are great cameras but the correct answer is: the camera you have with you. And luckily in this day and age, you pretty much always have a camera with you; in your pocket, your purse, your backpack, YOUR HAND. It’s your phone!

Why don’t people shoot more video on their phones? I have a few theories:

1. They are intimidated. They're not quite sure what they are doing, so they just don’t do it. Or, maybe they’ve taken video before and it just turned out terribly. So their confidence level is low.

2. They don’t know what to do with footage after it is shot. And so they have tons of short video clips that just sit on their phone, in the cloud, in iPhotos…never to be viewed again or shared with the world.

3. They’ve never made a video from start to finish and have no idea how rewarding it feels.

In my live class and online course, Video Made Easy, we address all these issues head on. You CAN learn to make video with your iPhone. I teach basic composition so you know how to make a shot look nice. We talk camera movements and shot variety to make your videos more interesting, along with how to get good light, sound and stability. Then, we practice. You go off and shoot some video and bring it back to class. From there, you use your footage to edit. I teach editing using a really cool app, KineMaster. Editing video is a bit technical and can be tricky, but we walk through it slowly to make sure you get it. And then…ta-da, you’ve made a video from start to finish! You’ll leave with confidence in your ability.

My hope is that people who take this course gain not only the knowledge, but also the desire to keep making video. The more they practice, the better they get, and the easier it becomes. So, whether it’s home videos of your children’s birthdays, an actual cool vacation video you’ll be proud to share on Facebook, marketing videos to grow your business, or, I don’t know…maybe a TV pilot that you’ve been dreaming about…I hope you’ll consider taking my course!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then doesn’t it make sense that video is worth...ten thousand words? Join me and make video with your phone!

Check out the website ( to learn more about the Video Made Easy course. If you have no interest in creating video yourself, that's cool! I can still work with you. I run my own production company, Video Service Hub. Get in touch so we can talk about your project.

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